Monday, January 19, 2009


Time to get off my arse and actually do what I've been putting off for years. Namely: to get seriously fit, get over long-standing injury, see more of This Sceptr'd Isle, and maybe get some cool new toys along the way.

Since the age of about 5, maps and compasses have intrigued me. I have very fond memories of my grandmother buying me my first real compass, a Silva Orienteering one with a yellow lanyard. I spent most of my teenage years in the cadet forces, doing loads of navigation work, so this sort of thing is second nature. I have dabbled in Orienteering on and off for about 25 years, but now with a growing interest in Adventure Racing (AR) honing up my nav skills is critical to having a good time. Being lost is not a good time as I discovered this weekend gone, but that's another post.

Mountainbiking, cyclocross, mountain running and navigation are all in my bag, baby. I'm up for any and all combos of the above.

So what I'll be doing is noting down my achievements, disappointments, goals, journeys, gear, etc - whatever I think might be even remotely interesting to you dear reader, or to my children in years to come.

To clear up something from the start: I like toys. Most things electronic, or beautiful from a functionality / design standpoint, I'm in. A Monopol corkscrew

or a Squeezebox - they are equally beautiful to me.

So part vanity project, part blog, part diary, part historic record, this will be my online storehouse of things outdoorsy, things adventure-prone.

Let's go.

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SarahT said...

Hey Mike, great to read your blog, as always you are a very entertaining author!
I'm well impressed and I totally get what you mean by fighting the pull of mediocrity, it's a bit too easy to be easy on thyself these days.
Well done and keep it up.