Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday looms....

On Sunday I venture forth to do battle with my legs on the windswept heath of the New Forest.

The kind folks at Dynamic Adventure Racing have put on a good show by the look of it. Where else can you pay £35 for 8 hours of fun? After last Sunday's debacle (post still to come) I'm actually feeling optimistic. An hour with my physio last night clarified that 1) I'm not fundamentally broken and 2) I should be OK for 2hrs running / 3hrs mountainbiking / another hour's running (in the dark this time).

I need to score some
decent electrolyte replacement goods, as well as some carbohydrate love. Years ago, doing loads of day-long epic MTB rides in the backcountry of New Zealand, I used to eat Mother Earth bars by the boxful. I always had at least 3 boxes in the boot of the car. Plus a few bananas for potassium, to avoid the dreaded cramp. I need to find the UK equivalent of Mother Earth, but the GO bars will do for a first trial.

She'll be a long day for sure, and I'll not be pushing so hard that injury is likely. Having the T6c keeping a close eye on my % heart rate will be cool. I do tend to go hard when I feel good, then blow up a few hours later. Sticking below 80% from the start should hopefully mean I finish 8hrs later with some degree of composure.

I'm set up with my 122dB emergency whistle, my first aid kit and hopefully today, a new micro compass for the Miry Mapboard. I'm really looking forward to seeing what cycling and map reading at the same time does to my brain :-)

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